Customer Assessment – General Terms and Conditions

The LDMF Foundations reserves its right to provide or not a service/product to a customer.

The LDMF Foundation will run an assessment process for every potential customer, in order to find out if the customer has the conditions necessary, according to the LDMF Foundation Culture, Values, Aims and Policy.

1. Honest interest and intention to become a customer

Is one of the first conditions. The LDMF Foundation may discontinue or cancel completely the interest or time dedicated to any potential customer, if according to the LDMF Foundation the intention of the potential customer of becoming a customer can not be confirmed or verified.

2. Conflict of Interests

In the case of conflict of interests, The LDMF Foundation reserves its right to cancel, discontinue or to not provide services to the customer.


3. Wealth

For the purpose of wealth verification questions and answers process is necessary where customers will indicate have the bottom line necessary capacity for the service and application of the training or know how received.

4. On advanced Payments

As well, a DEPOSIT will be requested of at least 45% of the total price of the service, eventually 100%, on advanced. In order to verify the customer has the ability to pay a compensation for the service value. The deposit is a payment on advanced.

5. Test experience

Customers may be requested to engage into a test of a service experience, which suggest customers to take few service units, before they decide to commit to the whole service package. At least 3-9 units, which are paid on advanced.

The LDMF Foundation focus on customer satisfaction. Our services may not be for every background or culture, capacity of enjoyment, lifestyle or taste, preferences or aims.

The LDMF Foundation may decide after the test of a service experience to discontinue the service or not to sell nor organize a mayor service package, sales volume.

The service test experience is paid on advanced.

6. Agreement

The general terms and conditions of the service agreement are usually given to each customer before the service starts. In general the decision of receiving the service, and actually to receive it in a tangible mode, means that the customers enter authomatically in agreement with the general terms and conditions. The agreement does not need to be signed, even a signature will be ideal. It is enough the customer consumes, for the agreement to become valid.

For the purpose of agreement, the current website general terms and conditions serves as service agreement.

7. Trade

The customer must be aware that trade is not included in the agreement at least for the first 9, 45, 729 units of service (according to case, the minimum number of units may vary).

In order to define a trade agreement the customer must have a service or product the LDMF Foundation prefers and needs, otherwise there is no reason for Trading, and a trade agreement will not take place.

In the case a need has been pushed or enforced by the potential customer or associated partners, the LDMF Foundation perceives such an intent as “conflict of interests” and “sabotage”.

8. Sabotage

The LDMF Foundation perceives customers or beneficiaries that have bought a service for the only purpose of fabricating the conditions for defamation, as saboteurs.

In general saboteurs will be treat as for banned companies and organizations, from all services, projects and networks managed by the LDMF Foundation, and their names and description of their deeds will be published online.

8. Volunteer

In case of volunteers, volunteer work is not a trade agreement, unless benefits for volunteers as parallel collaboration have been set. For example units of training, accomodation, food, transport, internet or any other in agreement. Must be a signed agreement. In any case, the status of volunteer gives no right for a customer to receive any service. Volunteer skills need to be tested, and should be those the volunteer is professionally capable or for which have previouse experience. In case the volunteer is not capable enough for the tasks assigned, the volunteer agreement will be discontinued.

9. Beneficiaries

Conditions for beneficiaries must be confirmed in every case with a signed or confirmed written agreement. For any customer to become a beneficiary an assessment and agreement of the LDMF Foundation must exist. The beneficiary status is given only by the LDMF Foundation after an evaluation of the candidate.

9. Payment schedule

Payments will be scheduled according to agreement. Delay in payment will be considered as a reason for reducing the number of points assigned for customer evaluation, eventually service cancellation.



  • The evaluation may take from 1 up to 9 units of service, or more according to case.
  • The results are given in points or values associated to each of the 9 fields evaluated.
  • The results of the evaluation will be used for the design of a new collaboration agreement that will protect the customer as well as the provider.